Election 2012 - The Beast

11/6/2012 9:29 PM


News outlets are declaring Barack Obama as our nation's president once again. Just as in 2008, President Obama has chosen Chicago as the seat of his victory celebration, and when he leaves that celebration, he will no doubt be leaving in The Beast.
Built on a GM commercial truck platform, and looking like the offspring of an Escalade and a DTS, the size of this vehicle isn't readily apparent until seen in person. While specifications are understandably scarce, it has been frequently reported that The Beast can withstand an attack from an RPG, the windows are bulletproof at point-blank range, it is sealed against chemical attacks, and there is even an emergency blood supply matched to the president on board. In the past four years, I've experienced the presence of the presidential motorcade in Chicago more than once. While we will likely have to wait decades before the details of the presidential limousine are declassified, I can say that it's one of the few vehicles I've ever encountered that actually shakes the ground – this car literally thunders down the street.
There's a great list of presidential limousines and other transportation, including The Beast, here.
Image Credit: US Secret Service

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