Merry Christmas 2013

12/23/2013 9:04 PM
Pontiac Grand Prix
Just tie a tree to the roof and suddenly, it's Christmas 1966 all over again.


2013 has been a busy year offline for Urban Gear Works. Consequently, some of my bigger plans for blogging this holiday season just didn't make it. A follow-up to last year's Twelve Days of Christmas list was planned, but never completed. This blog has always been about doing something I love, though, so I wanted to make sure I did something before the holidays passed.


I found this Pontiac Grand Prix in the most unlikely of places on a bitter, snowy night a few weeks back. It wasn't the kind of night when one would expect to find such a clean classic out in the open; temperatures were in the single digits and snow had been falling for days. In fact, given that the car itself was completely clean, it had to have recently come out of storage after the snow had already fallen, meaning whoever owns it brought it out deliberately. Most owners of a car this vintage have their pride in deep storage by the end of October, and more than a few collectors would view exposing a machine to salt and snow as reckless. 


This owner, though, has taken a different route, and that's the Urban Gear Works Christmas wish for 2013: do what you love, and enjoy what you have. Merry Christmas!

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