Rise and Drive Chicago This Sunday

10/15/2015 9:06 PM


Rise & Drive


This Sunday, October 18th, marks the final Rise & Drive event of 2015. I only discovered the event last month, but it's exactly what car culture in this city (and everywhere) needs.


Rise & Drive

Too often, automotive gatherings become homogenous, even exclusionary. The "not my brand/style/era/race" attitude is doing more damage to car culture than high gas prices, student debt, or smart phones ever will. It's an understatement to say that there's a struggle with diversity in this country, and while it may be dramatic to think that cars and coffee can solve the nation's problems, it was immediately clear that I'd found something special at Rise & Drive.


Rise & Drive

A city like Chicago will naturally have exotics. Spend a summer evening in River North and any number of Italian steeds will pass by. Seeing a vintage Lamborghini Muira parked next to a 240SX, though, is something unusual. In the title shot above, Japan, Italy, and the USA are all parked side by side. Muscle cars sit side by side with modern imports and lowriders. The best part, though, is that the owners are as diverse as the vehicles. Hailing from all parts of the city and beyond, people from every automotive subculture come together around a common pastime.


Rise & Drive gives back, too. The organizers have partnered with Ronald McDonald House, a national charity that provides families of seriously ill children with a place to stay while thier loved ones recieve treatment. 


For anyone in Chicago who enjoys all types of cars, come to the South lot of Soldier Field this Sunday for one last show before winter!

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