Wish Granted - Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

1/18/2013 5:15 AM


Last December, we included a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee in our holiday wish list. This week in Detroit, that wish came true, and it is even better than what we hoped for! To summarize, our wish included not just a diesel powerplant, but that said engine would be available over the whole range. Jeep delivered, stating that the new (VM Motori-sourced) 3.0 liter turbo diesel V-6, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, will be available across the entire model range from the base Laredo all the way up to the lavishly-appointed Summit. Additionally, our original wish asked for a diesel SRT model. While there is no word on any such model, the new Summit trim sports front and rear fascias that are very, very close to those worn by the SRT-8 model, so buyers looking for diesel grunt and efficiency combined with a more aggressive appearance do have an option.


Other highlights for the new Jeep include:

  • "Fill-it-up-once-every-month-or-so" 730 mile single-tank range for the diesel
  • 8-speed gearbox standard across the entire range, even the SRT-8
  • Giant, industry-leading Uconnect touch screen
  • Configurable TFT-screen in the gauge cluster
  • Revised, LED, front and rear lighting
  • Redesigned steering wheel with standard paddle-shifters


Overall, it looks like Jeep has taken a model that was already a star in the lineup and made it even better. There has been a fair bit of criticism already over the new lighting treatment, which in fairness does little to hide the retrofit-into-an-existing opening that it is. It doesn't seem like a necessary change, but on the other hand, automakers always seem to feel that the public won't know a model is new unless it looks different. Our opinion is that while the original headlamps didn't really need improving, the overall package is so packed with dramatic improvements that it seems childish to complain too loudly. We can't wait to see the new Grand Cherokee when it comes to Chicago next month!

Chrysler's official press release can be read here.

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